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King and Queen Hotel, New Plymouth, West End Precinct

The history of the Left Wing

White Hart Hotel, West End Precinct, New Plymouth, The History of the Left Wing

You can now stay in a piece of New Zealand history. What was once the home of the White Hart Hotel Public Bar is now known as the Left Wing, by King & Queen Hotel Suites. The Left Wing has been completely renovated and earthquake strengthened using existing gridlines to provide our converted industrial and contemporary style of hotel rooms synonymous to our existing suites for your unique enjoyment.

New Zealand’s provincial towns and cities are typically remembered for their pubs and town clocks, and sometimes for their churches. But, it is the local pub that becomes the most fascinating cultural vault: capturing the layers of local stories, the fashions over time and, in this case, a large dose of notoriety.

The White Hart Hotel consisted of the wooden building you can see out your window and this “newer” concrete structure which you are staying in this evening. Built in 1886, it is your classic timber Victorian construction: homestead-like with two-levels and verandah.

During its 125-year history the hotel has been known for  robberies,used as a hospital for the British redcoats as well as being the home to gangs, bands, punks and everyone in-between.

In 1893 the infamous highwayman Robert Wallath robbed the hotel using a pistol just before closing. The highwayman later sat back and enjoyed a drink in the hotel.

During the 1970s, the White Hart sat at the vanguard of hotels as music venues, creating Taranaki’s own rock and punk music scene that attracted a line-up of Kiwi musicians, including Midge Marsden and the band Sticky Filth. In 1977, it became home to the notorious Magog Motorcycle Club who mingled with people from all walks of life. The dozens of bikes parked outside the historic façade became a feature, along with its unruly reputation for “sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll”.

In Partnership with our sister companies we have endeavoured to create a precinct supported by industrial interior to create multiple experiences for our guests. You can enjoy Yakatori or delicious cocktails at Snug Lounge, exclusive high end European fashion at et vous, freshly baked artesian breads, donuts, slices and counter food at Public Catering Company or simple deliciously prepared Italian style food at Monica’s Eatery over the road in the Len Lye Centre.

Enjoy your stay in New Plymouth’s most historic and architecturally significant part of town.

Daniel and the King & Queen team.