Will Ockhuysen

Creative Designer
Strategy Collective

Willem Ockhuysen is one of Strategy Collectives resident designers and is responsible for all the content generation for the West End Precinct. Will is from New Plymouth and after travelling the world settled back into New Plymouth to take on the role of creative designer at both Strategy Collective and the West End Precinct.

What is your role? Explain your day-to-day.

I am a creative designer for both Strategy Collective and the West End Precinct. This means I have quite a varied role and could be working on a full branding project for a new business, creating a new website, and taking food photos for social media all in the same day.

How long have you worked here?

I have been here for 3 ½ years now.

What do you love about working in the West End Precinct?

This is one of the most exciting parts of the city with some of the best food, coffee, architecture, culture, and all round good vibes.

What is the work you are most proud of since working at Strategy Collective?

I have recently finished up the branding for State Pasta and State Bistro which have both opened on the other side of town. Working on these full brand projects are my favourite.

How do you travel to work?

Most days I ride a beat-up old Honda scooter that is almost the same age as me. Takes me 5 minutes door to door and costs me about $3 a week on gas.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Definitely a dog person. I have a little cavoodle who looks like a piece of fried chicken. I had cats for the first 12 years of my life without realising I was allergic to them. Life has been so much better since.

Best travel spot and why?

My wife and I have travelled a lot together, we’ve been to about 40 countries since we have been together, and our favourite has been the south of India. It is the complete opposite to NZ in almost every way and that made it really interesting and exciting.

You have recently become a father how is that going?

Super scary start with a traumatic birth but he is 4 months old now and we are much more in the swing of things! Seeing his little smile when he looks at you is the best thing ever!

If you were stranded on a deserted island what are three things you would take?

Being a big fan of the tv show ‘Survivor’ I will take this answer literally. Sensible answer would be my wife, a satellite phone, and a knife (with flint).

Favourite tv show?

The Office (US). Such a big fan in fact that I even went to Scranton, the town in the US where the show is set. They picked that place because it is a bland nothing town in the middle of nowhere. They have not cashed in on ‘The Office’ thing at all…

Favourite book?

Jupiter’s Travels