Robert Angus Real Estate: A lasting legacy in Taranaki

Robert Angus Real Estate

We caught up with Angela Maindonald, one of the founding members of the latest Robert Angus Real Estate venture to delve into the history of Taranaki’s own boutique real estate agency and what the future holds

The Robert Angus brand has been in the industry for nearly 50 years, with the first Robert Angus Real Estate started up by (Robert Angus) himself back in 1985.  Since then the agency has been sold to TSB Bank and Bayleys on seperate occasions, helping both firms establish their own real estate operations in the region. Robert decided to establish Robert Angus Real Estate once more in 2015

Associate Angela Maindonald worked with Robert more than 13 years ago, and was one of the founding agents when he relaunched the agency in 2015.

Robert Angus has always been a boutique agency. Angela explains, “we have a tight-knit, experienced team who cover all aspects of real estate – residential, lifestyle, farming and commercial – with the majority of our business in residential.”

In simple terms Robert Angus lists, market and sells real estate, however these days marketing has become a huge part of what they do alongside client support.  She adds, because the market is perceived to be hot, some people think that you don’t need to focus on marketing, but along with presentation and pricing this is a vital component in ensuring the property receives maximum exposure and the right result.

“What we’re also starting to see are banks getting tougher on lending, particularly for first home buyers and debt to lending ratios.  Here at Robert Angus we have the experience to guide clients through every step of the way.”

“The challenges at the moment are for buyers to secure something, if you’re a vendor the challenge is what can you buy. People are less likely to put their home on the market if they don’t have a plan, and that’s where we can help,” she says.

At Robert Angus every property has its own crafted marketing plan.  Some don’t want open homes or signs outside, some people don’t understand why they should use social media to sell their home. Nowadays we’re spending time educating people as to why they need those tools in a way that works for them to ensure a successful outcome.

“We understand that buying and selling a come can be really stressful, so it’s our job is to help take that anxiety away and let them know it will be ok.  It’s just real estate.”

Angela enjoys guiding clients through the process.  “In the beginning it’s all go with the fun stuff, dressing the home, arranging the photo shoot and finalising the listing . The hard part comes with the negotiating, and we’re here to help our clients and keep it all together.”

“It’s not about us, it’s about them. We’re the conduit and we’re here to support them.”

Nowadays we find that clients can be more reactionary, and expect things to happen immediately. We’re here to remind them it’s a significant asset, it’s ok to take time and do the right thing, get legal advice, talk to your people and your agent.

For Angela she thrives on personal moments with clients, every single sale is different and knowing that you’ve helped someone move on and it’s been a good process. Helping a first home buyer, is dear to her heart, as her children are that age now.

One thing she’s noticed is the way people do business has changed, being in the West End Precinct you can have all these different types of businesses you can chat to about anything. Marketing or mortgage brokering or legal – it’s all about building relationships.

“We love being part of the West End Precinct. A lot of us at Robert Angus are social butterflies and like to meet with people for a quick drink or bite to eat. The ladies in Public Catering always look after me when I get my coffee. I love looking out over to the Len Lye and our art gallery. It’s a privilege to be here in this beautiful building.”