Govett Quilliam: Specialist expertise with a full service approach

Govett Quilliam

Govett Quilliam are a full service law firm, with the exception of Criminal Law.  Long established in Taranaki, the firm has more than 150 years experience. The team can assist with all legal needs – whether that’s a house purchase, company or trusts set up, or employment.

“Our clients are a mix of companies, entrepreneurs and families – all with different needs in terms of engagement and expertise,” Partner Alice Tocher says.

A key point of difference that sets Govett Quilliam apart from a general practice is that they have specialists in each field, while working together as one cohesive team.

Alice explains they can be a one-stop shop, and for complex legal matters this has big advantages.

“We can look after everything from start to finish without having to engage in back and forth with external providers, all the information is at our fingertips.”

A recent focus for the firm has been legal technology, and streamlining processes for clients for a sleek, seamless experience. “This enables us to offer more value to our clients,” Alice explains.

COVID has pushed the firm to embrace technology even more, enabling them to increase their services across a national and global level.  The physical aspect of being present is still key to developing relationships, and in future they are looking to expand into South Taranaki, watch this space.

CEO Sophie Braggins adds, they have a social objective to be connected to the local community.

“The arts and culture are important to us at Govett Quilliam, and we are big cheerleaders for creative initiatives.  Two years ago we moved to the hospitality and cultural heart of New Plymouth.

“Being part of the community adds another touch point, relationships are so important. If you don’t have them how can you offer an exceptional service?  It’s even the little things like knowing their coffee order.”

Sophie finds the precinct is an inspiring collective of businesses that help to keep Govett Quilliam connected, and the experience across all the businesses – whether that’s hospitality, retail or professional services –  is second to none.

“I believe we have a shared ethos for service and we are in a space there there is a synergy in the approach that sees the client experience at its heart.”