Emily Bellringer

Creative Services Manager & Marketing Manager
Strategy Collective, West End Precinct

It’s safe to say that if Emily were to be asked four years ago if she would live on a dairy farm, she might have laughed out loud. “That would have been a big LOL” she adds. Having spent most of her adult life away from the province at university in Wellington and then 10+ years in the advertising and communications industry her and her husband were pretty settled in Auckland. That is until they had their first child. “It was like our priorities just shifted immediately and my husband and I thought what else could we do and where do we want to live how do we change things up?!”. New Plymouth used to be home for the both of them and growing up locally and still having family here on both sides was a big draw card.

When she’s not working this mum of two likes to keep busy with her small family. “I love being able to live in New Plymouth and have what we have on offer here and now with my role as marketing manager for West End Precinct I get to shout about how great we have it!”


Is enticing out-of-towners to the province part of your role?

Absolutely. Part of our marketing strategy is to run media famils for influencers and journalists to come experience not only the West End Precinct but all of New Plymouth.


What do you love about your job?

The people! There are a lot of inspiring visionaries in New Plymouth that are willing to be brave enough and take a chance on a business idea or venture. At Strategy Collective we get to be a part of their business journey and work with them to execute the best strategy and deliver the right content. It’s very cool building these relationships and managing their marketing and communications.


Favourite haunt?

All of the West End Precinct


What song do you know the lyrics to?

Fleetwood Mac GYPSY


Favourite Place travelled to thus far?

Ohhh that’s so hard to choose, but Italy would be my favourite country and within that Florence and Cinque Terre are both up there.


Three words to describe you?

Loyal. Passionate. Fun.