Angela Maindonald

Robert Angus Real Estate Ltd

Having a chat with Angela Maindonald is like finding a new friend. She makes you laugh and has a natural flair for storytelling. Obviously a peoples person its easy to see why a progression into Real Estate worked well for this busy go-getter. West End Precinct sits down and finds out a bit more.

Are you from New Plymouth?

No a coastal girl born and bred. Hawera and Rahotu.

How did you get into Real Estate?

Funny story in that I directed and managed a local health and fitness centre. Gus (Robert Angus) would come in (on occassions) and we would have a chat. One day he told me I should go into Real Estate. My first thought was no and then I thought actually I will. At the time I didn’t really know anything else about it, however I’m still here 10years plus and loving it.

What are some of your earlier memories on the job?

I will never forget my first listing that I was sharing with another agent. I turned up to show people the house, the ‘other agent’ asked me where my key was. I didn’t have it. Safe to say that’s one thing I have never forgotten again.

Neville your husband is also a Real Estate agent and you work with him did you meet on the job?

No gosh no, I have known Neville forever- he is born and bred coastal too.

Best New Plymouth haunt?

We love to socialise and so blessed with so many options for going out. Coffee from Monicas to kickstart the day and Friday afternoon drinks down in the courtyard at Snug or Itch.

Any hobbies?

I still set aside a couple of hours a week to do a workout, even if its just a walk. Sometimes Boxing with Sam at Box Office or Pilates and running I tend to mix it up.

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

Neville would say I have a thing for chairs.. I don’t tend to spend money on a lot of things, but when I see some-thing and it speaks to me I will buy it. Mmm Neville is probably right I do like buying chairs. They have proven useful when some of my listings just need a corner dressed up or an added feature in a bedroom.

Can you share something that has helped where you have got to in life?

If you think you have done enough- you probably haven’t. There is always something more you can do. My own personal mantra is to ask myself that question have I done enough today?