Sharina Parsottam

TSB Showplace

Sharina Parsottam is marketing and communications advisor at TSB Showplace. She’s also an avid runner and enjoys watching people do their thing on stage. After sitting down for a chat, we get the feeling that this is the perfect role for her.

Favourite hidden gem in New Plymouth?
Ratapihipihi, I’ve rediscovered it recently and love to run the loop when it’s too hot to run on the walkway. It’s shady and super quiet.

What do you do at TSB Showplace?
I am a marketing and communications advisor at the New Plymouth District Council looking after New Plymouth Event Venues which runs four of New Plymouth’s large venues: TSB Bowl of Brooklands, TSB Showplace, Yarrow Stadium and TSB Stadium. It’s a split role and I predominantly the focus is on marketing events that come through the TSB Showplace and TSB Bowl of Brooklands. At the TSB Showplace, I liaise with promoters to assist with in-kind marketing support and book advertising for them, and then on the front end I promote the events, do my best to help generate high ticket sales and also make the user experience super easy for punters. The TSB Showplace is also a multi-purpose venue – it has a suite of various spaces available for hire, so I run campaigns to reach people who might like to book one of these spaces to suit their conference or meeting needs, milestone celebration or wedding.

Three words to describe you?
Passionate, creative, driven.

If you were on death row what would your last meal be?
Nandos, but sadly there’s none in New Plymouth! I love me some peri-peri chicken.

Are you from New Plymouth?
I sure am! Born at Taranaki Base Hospital and I’ve spent my whole life here other than four years in Auckland where I studied at MAINZ (Music & Audio Institute of New Zealand) and picked up casual jobs at Mediaworks and Auckland Live (previously known as The Edge, who runs the Auckland Town Hall, Aotea Centre, Aotea Square and the Civic Theatre). After coming back to New Plymouth, I volunteered at a couple of WOMAD’s then ended up doing marketing at TAFT for a few years before ending up at the TSB Showplace.

What song do you know the lyrics to?
Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram. You’ll never EVER actually hear me singing though… I’m way too embarrassed. I only belt out tunes while I’m driving on my own.

Your idea of a good time?
G&Ts, prosecco or ciders… (or any cocktails for that matter!) in the sun with great company. Bonus points if it’s before an event or at a festival!

Favourite thing to spend money on?
Concert tickets. Closely followed by holidays and makeup.

How are you planning to make an impact?
Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a concert, theatre and festival junkie, which probably stems from having such a big appreciation for watching people perform their talents. In a nutshell I want people to go out and consume arts and entertainment so there’ll forever be a stage for artists. If there’s no audience to appreciate it, it won’t happen.

Best place travelled to thus far?
Easily Berlin (particularly Kreuzberg) – my brother and his family lives there, but it’s so free and has incredibly vibrant street art, galleries, trendy bars and restaurants and a cool underground music scene. Following Berlin is Vienna and Paris. I love Europe but have only visited a few main cities. Next time I’d love to visit some lesser popular locations. Strangely enough, I haven’t yet been to India to see the areas where my parents grew up but I hope to visit soon!

Best show at TSB Showplace?
There has been soooo many but Jimmy Carr was brilliant! I had always been a big fan since watching Distraction back in the early 00s. Recently we had Marlon Williams through who was insanely captivating live. I also really enjoyed the Little Shop of Horrors which was a live cult film experience where actors and musicians created the sound effects for the film live on stage, so they’d pop a balloon or rev a chainsaw etc. where required.

How do you procrastinate?
By online shopping, watching trashy reality TV shows and scrolling through social media on my phone