Sam Ryan

TSB Showplace

Where were you born?

I’m originally from Whangamata, however I got sent to New Plymouth Boy’s High as a student and feel like Taranaki is home.


What is your role?

I am the TSB Showplace lead, which basically means I’m the venue manager.

Overseeing everything venue related, assisting with programming for the venue and working with the team to put on a wide variety of events for the community.

We do a wide range of events from corporate functions to theatre productions, and musical performances. The Showplace itself is coming up to 100 years old, and it’s a privledge to manage such an old beautiful building.


How long have you worked here?

I’m brand new to the role been and have only been back here since September, 2021.

I’d been looking to move back to Taranaki for the past two years. During my time with Oceania Productions I worked on a wide range of events that toured the Taranaki region including Bryan Adams and Synthony. While in conversation with the Council the opportunity to take on the TSB Showplace came up, and here I am.


What do you love about working in the West End Precinct?

The West End Precinct is quite the place to be! It’s great to see precinct’s evolution into the cool cultural hub its become. There’s plenty of people around, and you always end up bumping into someone you know. It’s gives a real sense of community.


Are you a dog or cat person?

I’m both, but if I really had to choose dog. They’re loyal and you feel like they’re like your pal, rather than you feeling like their servant.


Best spot you have lived?

Ahu Ahu Road in Taranaki. We had a small avocado farm and our own little beach.  I used to ride my motorbike down to the village and catch the school bus, it was a slice of paradise.


Best travel spot?

Nias in Sumatra, it’s an epic surfing spot with an amazing right hand reef break.  It’s a bit of an adventure to get there too, which makes it even more special.


Best achievement?

I’d say launching a start-up was the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. I launched Colours which was an e-commerce platform for art, we made films about the artists, did pop-up exhibitions and gave a percentage of sales back to charity.  It was good to go through the experience.


If you were stranded on a deserted island what are three things you would take

Surfboard, diving equipment and a good knife.


Favourite film?

The Big Lebowski. I don’t mind a White Russian.


Favourite album?

Bob Marley And The Wailers – Kaya

Bob always makes your soul shine