Nico Vogliotti

Ms White

West End Precinct sits down with Nicolo Vogliotti the Head Pizza Chef at Ms White, to talk favourite pizza topping, favourite beer and what led him to make the move to New Plymouth from Torino Italy.

Describe your childhood?
Family of five with a very large and close extended family all living in Torino Italy.

What part of Italy are you from?
I am from Torino Italy which is a bustling urban centre, and Italy’s fourth largest city. It is situated in northern Italy close to the Alps.

Did you ski?
Yes due to it being cold in winter and the Alps being close by, we skied as kids.

When did you move to New Zealand and why?
In 2012 I traveled for 10 months and spent the majority of my time in the South Island and living in Blenheim. I returned to Italy but applied for some roles in New Zealand and was successful at securing a restaurant position in Cambridge, which is when I arrived back in New Zealand in 2014. I met a Kiwi girl and we moved to New Plymouth after a time in Cambridge and a short stint in Geelong Australia.

Ms White is known for a range of craft beers. Do you have a favourite?
Cereal Milk Stout- from the garage project. It’s a sweet beer- chocolatey style.

Favourite Pizza Topping?
Margherita with buffalo mozzarella.

When do you next go back to Italy?
My girlfriend and I are heading back in August and will tie in some travel also. We are heading to Naples – which is the home city of Pizza so will be able to do some valuable research.

Favourite phrase in Italian?
Ue’compa Italian version for Hey Mate.

Your mode of transport?
A Vespa of course ????