Lara & Cohen

Frederic's, Meat and Liquor Steakhouse, Snug Lounge, Itch Wine Bar, and Ms White

Lara Toyne and Cohen Baird (husband and wife duo) are responsible for many of the local West End Precinct eateries. Frederics, Meat and Liquor Steakhouse, Snug Lounge, Itch Wine Bar and Ms White they know how to run successful businesses and create memorable dining experiences.

Where were you born?

Cohen – Whakatane

Lara – Port Lincoln

When did you meet and how?

One was working and the other was drinking. Can you guess who was who?

What was the driving force to create so many hospitality places?

Being able to create difference spaces and experiences -Venues that complement each other and opportunity -for our team members to be able to work with different styles, up skill and develop their own crafts.

How do you schedule your time between the businesses? Explain your day-to-day?

Certain jobs need doing on certain days – after that, it’s about supporting the team in their roles and jumping in when needed.

Favourite event that you have run?

Cohen – Beermania

Lara -RWC Marquee outside Frederics

Is there a method to running successful hospitality if so what is it?

Know your product, trust your brand, consistency in product and service, training, strong customer engagement, and the team buy in. They must want the same result you do.

What would be your last supper and or favourite meal?

Both love a good curry with all the condiments and with our nearest and dearest.

Best travel spot?

Cohen -Hawaii

Lara – Anywhere – who doesn’t love the adventure.

Best achievement?

Both – Watching people walk into the courtyard, discovering what’s hidden in the inside of the White Hart Hotel

Favourite film?

Cohen – Gotta love a classic like Pulp Fiction or Forrest Gump

Lara – Princess Bride