Hayato Iseri

Snug Lounge

Hayato Iseri is a long way from home. We caught up with him and had a chat to find out what bought this Chef from Osaka, Japan to our very own Snug Lounge.

Where were you born?
Osaka, Japan.

What bought you to New Plymouth?
I lived and worked in Wellington for a bit of a stint and when we traveled around New Zealand I came to New Plymouth and loved the look of the family lifestyle and SURFING.

Favourite Surfing Spot?
My partner and 2 ½ year old son live in Fitzroy – we both love surfing our local.

What made you become a chef?
I love cooking for people and making them happy through food.

Favourite dish at Snug Lounge?
Spicy Karage Chicken

Big towns or small towns?
Despite growing up in the second biggest city of Japan, I moved to a countryside town in Japan – where there was great surf and now we have chosen to bring up our 2 1/2 year old son up in New Plymouth. I’d say small.