Rachel Deegan


Rachel Deegan Co-Owner at Meat & Liquor and Frederic’s knows a thing or two about pouring a pint and drinking wine. West End Precinct sits down and talks how she got into the hospitality industry and why she loves it.

Are you from New Plymouth?
Yes, born and raised and from around the coast growing up in Opunake but have spent much of my young adult life traveling.

What made you get into the hospitality industry?
Ever since I was a teenager I had a love of food, there was nothing else I wanted to do but become a chef.

What has been great about hospitality for you?
I studied in Hamilton and won a scholarship to go over to Suffolk England and work as a chef. This opened my eyes to a whole new world and I caught the travel bug. Being a chef meant it was quite easy to travel and work. I was a chalet chef in France in the ski season at one point which was a pretty amazing experience.

Do you like summer or winter better?
That’s a hard question – due to my travel I have had my share of both summers and winters, probably a summer girl but love the winter for the ski season.

What were you doing before Meat and Liquor and Frederick’s?
When I moved back to New Plymouth I took a job as a catering manager with the Macfarlanes businesses and it was a slight sidestep away from being a chef. However, then Fredericks opened almost 10 years ago and I became co-owner of Frederick’s and now Meat and Liquor also.

Do you still enjoy cooking?
I do but more for friends and family.

Anything you do in your spare time?
I have a 2-year-old so that keeps me fairly busy!

Something your customers might not know about you?

Favourite drink?
WINE or an old-fashioned cocktail.

Most excited about what dish on the new menu at Meat and Liquor?
The new pork jowl but re-jigged!