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How to wear: Drop Crotch Pants

Et Vous, Drop Crotch Pants, West End Precinct, New Plymouth

Drop crotch pants are a fashion statement that is here to stay. They are edgy, fashion forward and have you tried a pair on? They are comfy as heck! At Et Vous we are a big fan of drop crotch pants and there are multiple ways to style them to feel confident and look great. We recommend if you are are trying them for the first time and are a bit hesitant on the style, start with a smaller drop crotch. Here are our tips on how to style drop crotch pants like a natural:

  • EFFORTLESS: When dressing casual we often like to look like we just grabbed pieces from our wardrobe and threw them on (even if it took a hour). Add a crisp white T-Shirt (partly tucked in at the front looks great) and your favourite sneakers and sunglasses for an everyday look.
  • STRUCTURED: While these pants are often a looser fit in the leg, contrast with a structured jacket on top and it changes the whole ensemble! Put on your favourite blazer or leather jacket, add some boots and you are set.
  • NIGHT OUT: It is amazing what a pair of heels can do to transform an outfit! Dress up your drop crotch pants by putting on your heels (they don’t have to be stilettos) tie your hair back and add some bold lipstick.
  • LAYERS: Don’t be afraid to add layers on top to your look. A bustier, chunky necklace or scarf can add an extra dimension to an already fashion forward look.
  • GIRLY: If your fashion style is naturally more feminine, combine them with a pastel coloured top and footwear. Don’t be afraid to accessorise as well! Incorporate your own style with the pants and own it!
  • BE CONFIDENT: Walk out of the house and hold your head high because you look great!

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