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Ozone Coffee Roasters, New Plymouth, West End Precinct

Ozone Coffee Roaster Journal: Beginnings Vol. 1

Ozone Coffee Roasters, New Plymouth, West End Precinct

The point of no return.

Introducing the first issue of a biannual lifestyle journal by Ozone Coffee Roasters.

“This is a journal about coffee, people and business…and everything in between. In this issue we celebrate beginnings. Many of us nurture pet projects at the weekend, day-dream from our desks or day jobs, and challenge ourselves to discover and nurture an idea.  Here, we consider what life and work have to offer in a changing landscape of small business and a generation of entrepreneurs. How does one grow ideas into sustainable businesses? When and how is culture created? And where does one find the mental strength to keep getting better? For us, relationships reflect the deepest core of our inspiration and motivation – a reason to get out of bed in the morning.”

The lead stories include interviews with Moro founders Samuel and Samantha Clark on longevity in the hospitality industry; essays on The Meaning of Work and Creating Culture in times when a critical mass of people are rethinking why they are showing up at work every day; conversations with Filler Podcast founders Matt Shore and Harry Hitchens; The Dusty Knuckle bakery on starting a social enterprise. London based coffee shops Mud, Sampa, The Watch House and Iris and June all share honest advice on Opening a Coffee Shop.
Every story has been researched, written, photographed, designed & inspired by our family

The editor Rasa Jusionyte comments:

“Everyone here believes in championing new ways of thinking and working, as well as understanding the importance of looking after personal projects… It’s not an easy balance to keep. There is a not-so-silent work revolution going on right in front of us. We love it and wanted to share the passion and drive with everyone. At the end of the day what is the meaning of work? We live only once and I’d rather spend it experimenting and having fun than turning up to a job that makes me miserable. There is always another way, just dare to see it and make a decision to go for it – that, in short, is what the journal is about”

Ozone Coffee Roasters’ journal is available to purchase at the Beanstore on King Street, New Plymouth ($10) as well as online on Ozone’s website.