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Kate Bridgeman from Strategy Collective

When you meet Kate Bridgeman, she instantly makes you feel at ease. That’s probably a good thing when she is one of Strategy Collectives People and Culture Consultants. West End Precinct sits down and finds out a bit more about Kate, learning that she’s not one to shy away from a wine.

Where do you go for lunch?
I’m a bit of a preparation queen when it comes to lunches however, when I do go out for lunch, I grab Sushi, Public Catering or an Arizona salad (Buddha Bowl is a must try).

Favourite hidden gem in New Plymouth?
I recently went to the food truck courtyard behind Escape Coffee, I was impressed! Very cool vibe and the food choices are spot on.

What do you do at Strategy Collective?
I do all things People and Culture (Recruitment, Employment Relations, Change Management, People Strategy etc.)

Three words to describe you?
Fun, friendly and passionate

If you were on death row what would your last meal be?
I would request that my Mum come and cook me a feast, she is an amazing cook.

Are you from New Plymouth?
Technically no, I am a born and bred Inglewood girl.

What song do you know all the lyrics to?
Young and Beautiful

Your idea of a good time?
I have two ideas of a good time, first one would be a beach day with my two boys and husband. My second would be wine, sun, music and good food.

Favourite thing to spend money on?
Easy… wine, good food coffee and family holidays.

How are you planning to make an impact?
By empowering Leaders to make effective People and Culture decisions which result in a positive impact on their business, employees and overall bottom line.