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Hearts of the West End Precinct

Angela Maindonald from Robert Angus Real Estate

Having a chat with Angela Maindonald is like finding a new friend.  Obviously a peoples person its easy to see why a progression into Real Estate worked well for this busy go-getter. West End Precinct sits down and finds out a bit more.

Hannah Murray from King & Queen Hotel Suites

Hannah Murray sits down with West End Precinct to talk about her wedding, and why she loves New Plymouth.

Hayato Iseri from Snug Lounge

Hayato Iseri is a long way from home. We caught up with him and had a chat to find out what bought this Chef from Osaka Japan to our very own Snug Lounge.

Kate Bridgeman from Strategy Collective

When you meet Kate Bridgeman, she instantly makes you feel at ease. That’s probably a good thing when she is one of Strategy Collectives People and Culture Consultants. West End Precinct sits down and finds out a bit more about Kate, learning that she’s not one to shy away from a wine.

Jess Old from Itch Wine Bar

Jess Old can not only pour a mean cocktail, but she can belt out a tune or two. Having trained at the globe theatre in London our Itch Bar Manager will be debuting as one of the divas in Priscilla Queen of the Desert set to hit TSB Showplace Thursday 20th June.

Charlie Laudic from The Public Catering Company

Charlie Laudic from Public Catering “doesn’t do gluten-free”. Colleagues describe him as consistent, reliable passionate and French. He has been the Head Baker at Public Catering since the beginning. We see if we could find out the secret ingredient to those donuts.

Sharina Parsottam from TSB Showplace

Sharina Parsottam is marketing and communications advisor at TSB Showplace. She’s also an avid runner and enjoys watching people do their thing on stage. After sitting down for a chat, we get the feeling that this is the perfect role for her.

Amy Jarvis from Snug Lounge

If you have enjoyed a relaxed cocktail or tried the dumplings at Snug Lounge or even sat down in the courtyard you may have been served by our very own Amy Jarvis. A regular around the West End Precinct and Assistant Manager at Snug Lounge.

Sofia Belova from Monica's Eatery

When you step into Monica’s Eatery you will no doubt be greeted personally by restaurant manager Sofia – she is hard to miss with her gorgeous bright hair, thick Russian accent, and warming smile often sporting a bright lipstick.

Rachel Deegan from Meat & Liquor + Frederic's

Rachel Deegan Co-Owner at Meat & Liquor and Frederic’s knows a thing or two about pouring a pint and drinking wine. West End Precinct sits down and talks how she got into the hospitality industry and why she loves it.

Alastair Ross - Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre

Alastair has always had a love of film and music and his boy-hood dream of running a cinema has come to fruition with his role as Cinema and AV Technician at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre. When he’s not running the cinema you may find Alastair at Vinyl Countdown or on Most FM.

Michele Gray from Urban Beauty Spa

Michele Gray owner and Beauty Therapist of Urban Beauty Spa is passionate about people and ensuring the very best service for her customers. Having worked in the industry for almost ten years her staff describes her as a perfectionist.

Robert Isbister from Meat & Liquor and Frederic's

Robert has been a familiar face around the precinct and Macfarlanes businesses taking up the coveted role of Head Chef at Meat and Liquor and Fredericks he lets us in on the secret to dining at home and what makes the best dish.

Christy Oakenfull from Ozone Coffee Roasters

Christy Oakenfull is a familiar face within the West End Precinct. Bean Store Manager at Ozone Coffee Roasters she no doubt has made you a great coffee and if you’re a regular like me – will know how you take it.

Nico Vogliotti from Ms White

West End Precinct sits down with Nicolo Vogliotti the Head Pizza Chef at Ms White, to talk favourite pizza topping, favourite beer and what led him to make the move to New Plymouth from Torino Italy.

James Cunningham from King & Queen Hotel Suites

“When I was a child I distinctly remember having a fascination with hotels and remember being pushed around on a luggage trolley by the concierge and loving it.”

Robert Angus from Robert Angus Real Estate

We catch up with one of the leading real estate professionals, Robert Angus on pursuing your goals, the secret of his success, living in New Plymouth, and trying to find that elusive work-life balance.