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Gelato vs Ice Cream

Public Catering Company, West End Precinct, New Plymouth

Gelato Vs Ice Cream…what’s the difference?

We are often asked “what is gelato, and what makes it different from ice cream?” ….well to the untrained taste buds of a five year old, there probably is no difference because if you place a bowl of frozen dessert in front of them they wouldn’t care what it was called!

However, to the more mature ice cream connoisseurs who have eaten plenty of it over the years, gelato is certainly a pleasant change from your regular run of the mill ice cream.

The word gelato is just Italian for ice cream, however the difference between regular ice cream and when you can call it gelato is the percentage of fat. Gelato typically has less fat and sugar than ice cream. Ice cream must have a minimum 10% fat where gelato has a maximum of 10%. Sorbet, or dairy free gelato, contain virtually no fat as they are made with water rather than dairy; Sorbet is an excellent option for those with dairy intolerances!

The difference when tasting is that you don’t tend to get that fatty taste/feel in the roof of your mouth that you do when eating ice cream.

Gelato also tends to be creamier and a bit warmer in the mouth than regular ice cream. This comes down to the process of churning. Gelato doesn’t have large quantities of air whipped into it like ice cream, which means the final product is creamier. Normal ice cream can have between 50%-100% air incorporated into the mix, which is why it is cheaper to buy….1/2 of it is air!

The other most commonly asked question we get is “what is your favourite flavour?” For me this comes down to personal preference, and the fact that different flavours can conjure up different memories. Our Apple Pie Gelato (Awarded Gold at the 2017 NZ Ice Cream Awards) brings back memories of eating my Nanas apple pie and ice cream, and the gelato has a similar taste to the combination of the two flavours that are scraped out of the bottom of the pudding bowl. Our Rum & Raisin Gelato reminds me of Christmas with its spicy undertones.

Our Lush brand of gelato won 3 gold awards (Espresso, Gingernut and Apple Pie) at the 2017 NZ Ice Cream Awards. These can be purchased at our 2 New Plymouth sites, The Public Catering Company and Lush Café & Gelato.

Public Catering Company, West End Precinct, New Plymouth